23rd October 2015

About Us

Corporate Profile

Algal Taxonomy and Ecology incorporated (AT&E Inc) was established in 1998 and is headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. We continue to work with leading scientific authorities in countries worldwide to assist them with phytoplankton expertise which aids in making sound ecological evaluations and decisions.

The principal researcher at AT&E has over 40 years experience in algal taxonomy and was previously the Primary Algal Taxonomist at the Freshwater Institute, Department of Fisheries and Oceans (Central and Arctic Region), Winnipeg, Canada. The company is well connected to the Canadian and Global taxonomic and limnological community.

AT&E has experience in sediment microfossil analysis specializing in algal microfossils using a method which includes both non siliceous and siliceous microfossils. AT&E also has experience in toxic algal species and suspected toxic samples are subcontracted out.

Personal Profile

Self-employed as a freelance phytoplankton taxonomist ecologist under the company Algal Taxonomy and Ecology Inc.

Participant in the International Association of Phytoplankton (IAP) intercalibration assessment studies.

My interests are primarily phytoplankton taxonomy and the ecology of lakes and rivers from the arctic to the tropics. Other recent interest are the documentation and identification of toxic freshwater algae, particularly bluegreens, responsible for toxin problems in central Canadian Lakes, Rivers and Reservoirs.


Researcher for 29 years with the Department of Fisheries and Ocean. I have conduced research nationally within Canada, as well as internationally in Africa and the US.

1998: Undertook early retirement and continued to conduct freelance phytoplankton work on large Canadian (Lake Winnipeg, Lake Erie, Hamilton Harbour, Lake of the Woods, and Lake Manitoba ) and African (Lakes Malawi, Victoria and Tanganyika) Great Lakes, as well as conduct collaborative taxonomic studies on the centric diatom Urosolenia from tropical (Australia , Sri Lanka and Africa) and temperate (Austria and Canada) lakes.

1997: MSc. in Botany from the University of Manitoba. Title: A comprehensive morphometric and ecological study of the common freshwater centric diatom Cyclotella bodanica complex

Late 1980’s – 1990’s: International large lake study series – from ELA and Lake Superiour (Canada) to Lake Malawi and Lake Victoria (Africa)

1975: Lake Tanganyika (UNDP- FAO) Project

1970 – 1980’s: Southern Indian Lake, Manitoba, Saqvacjuac Arctic Eutrophication studies

1969 – 1998: Participated in research in Canada ranging from the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA), Ontario to Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, as well as the IBP project, Char Lake, Cornwallis Island, Canadian Arctic archipelagos, and many Prairie pot-hole lakes (1969 ‘s to mid 70’s)

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